Publication of personal portraits

Consent to the publication of personal portraits.                                           

With every announcement about an event of the Yoshinkan-International e.V.

whether national or international, - you agree that photos and videos of yourself at sporting events and for the presentation of group photos may be taken and published in the following media:

Homepage www.Yoshinkan-International.comHomepage of a nationally or internationally affiliated association of the Yoshinkan-International e.V. and their affiliated clubs / schools as well as their homepages such as: or others.Facebook (or others) of the, a nationally or internationally affiliated association of the Yoshinkan-International e.V. or their clubs for Example: regional press products national press products. You will be informed in the respective announcements that the photos and videos with your person can be accessed worldwide when published on the internet or in social networks. Further use and/or modification by third parties cannot be ruled out. Insofar as consent is not revoked, it is valid for an unlimited period of time.

Facebook (oder andere) des, eines auf nationaler oder internationaler Ebene angeschlossenen Verbandes des Yoshinkan-International e.V. oder deren Vereine wie z.B. regionale Presseerzeugnisse überregionale Presseerzeugnisse.

Consent may be revoked with effect for the future. The revocation of consent must be made in text form (letter or e-mail) and will result in admission to an event being refused or restricted (places where filming or photography is not permitted).A complete deletion of the published photos and video recordings on the internet cannot be ensured by us, for Example other internet sites might have copied or changed the photos and videos. The Yoshinkan-International (with all its sub-pages as homepage or Facebook pages) cannot be held liable for the type and form of use by third parties, such as the downloading of photos and videos and their subsequent use and modification. It is pointed out to all that despite a revocation, photos and videos of person in the context of participation in public events may be taken and published in the context of public relations. In the case of minors who have reached the age of 14, the consent of the legal representative(s) is required in addition to the consent of the minor. When registering for an event of the Yoshinkan-International and its sub-sites, those responsible for the written registration must ensure that the declaration of consent for the publication of personal pictures and video recordings has been taken note of and that the minor and legal guardian agree to the publication. A revocation is to be sent to: Office Yoshinkan-International e.V., Am Eichenkamp 7 27239 Twistringen.