Der Verband Yoshinkan-International e.V. (kurz YI) Ihr Dachverband für Budo und Kampfsport

 The principles

The right to free sporting development without any restriction justifies the desire for professional autonomy, i.e. independence from other associations. * This means and implies that the teaching and technology of the budo arts affiliated to the association can be kept free of influences from outside the discipline. * From a structural point of view, the Yoshinkan-International e.V. is an association of regional organisations within the Federal Republic of Germany in the sense of the DOSB, and an international association in the sense of the IOC

 * In principle, the regional associations of the YI consist of non-profit associations. Their purpose is to preserve the unity of all athletes practising Jiu-Jitsu and other Budo arts within the Federal Republic of Germany and to participate as equal sports in a united Budo community.

  This includes that the YI:

  •  1. is open to all martial arts and combat sports.

  •  2. is represented nationally and internationally by national representatives

  •  3. and also treats members as members, this applies to all nationalities).

Tasks and goals

The YI cultivates the sports it supports as an amateur sport, accordingly primarily according to sport- and health-specific aspects, not primarily as a competitive sport in the sense of a primarily competition-related sport. The member associations are free to maintain their own styles. The YI therefore defends the principle of tolerance, so it is open to all associations that recognize the principles of the YI and is open to potential acceptance into the association.

The YI is run on a voluntary basis.

In grassroots sport, the diversity of the YI stands for:

  • Martial arts and forms of movement of the duel

  • Technology and examination

  • Self-defense for the different interest and demand groups

  • Styles and forms of sporting duels

  • • Cultivation of old Budo styles and traditions 

We are looking forward to a working together in order to establish the YI worldwide in the future.